We offer swimming tuition in a variety of ways to help suit your needs.

Our courses take place in two swimming pools in Cheltenham and Brockworth in Gloucestershire.  Course information regarding adult swimming lessons can be found below.

Our initial SwimCheck is free and available to all.  If you’d like to book a 30-minute free swim check, we’ll assess your stroke and provide pointers on improving.

One-to-one sessions

Our one-to-one sessions ensure you have a teacher all to yourself at all times.

Swim for Life Package

A course designed to give you the best of everything. This bespoke package combines one-to-one sessions with group sessions. You’ll start by having a couple of one-to-one sessions, then move into a group for a six-week course. This allows you to build confidence before joining other swimmers. You’ll then complete your course with two more one-to-one sessions so you can truly feel, appreciate and experience your own progress.

Private tuition

If you have your own pool, we can come to you and teach you in the comfort of your own home.

Group sessions

These sessions are fantastic for learning together. They also offer the opportunity for peer-to-peer support. A great way to meet new people and make friends.


We offer a Swim For Life membership. For an annual fee, we’ll provide you with a quarterly SwimCheck to make sure your style and technique is spot on and those bad habits don’t creep in.


We offer the option to film your swimming, creating a product that you can take away so you can see your own progress. When was the last time you saw yourself swim? It is a powerful learning tool and a great option.


Our workshops can be run over one or two days and can be tailored for beginners or improvers looking to further develop their stroke. We combine studio time with pool time ensuring you get the most from your course. Each workshop focuses on a specific stroke, with detailed analysis, land-based practises and plenty of water time to perfect the stroke.

Wild swimming

A day out, swimming in nature. We’ll teach you techniques, enhance your stroke (as per a normal one-day workshop), provide a BBQ lunch and enjoy the wild experience of outdoor swimming.

Swimming holidays

These are run as group sessions and require a minimum of 7 people to run. Spend a week with us learning to swim or improving your technique while visiting somewhere new. Spend a week in the Cotswolds or venture further to France or Spain.