Student testimonials

Another great lesson today and it all seemed to click. I’m now gliding effortlessly through the water with ‘mindful enjoyment’ for the first time in 63 years of swimming. I shall be practising the Shaw Method, referring to the videos, and putting it all to good use to enable me to take part in open water events for the upcoming years. I’ll be back for in a couple of weeks for a quick review and catch-up lesson. Thanks for your patience, enthusiasm and help.
Nick M

I cannot believe how in six lessons, I’ve gone from being really quite terrified and having no confidence in the water, to thoroughly enjoying learning to swim. Edward is an absolute star and has patience.
Joanne C

I set off for my first lesson with some trepidation as I am a slightly
disabled senior citizen. Edward immediately put me at ease. He was
constantly encouraging and showed infinite patience, demonstrating
techniques when necessary. I enjoyed my lessons and am grateful to
Edward for kindly teaching me a new skill. I have no hesitation in
recommending Edward as a teacher to any age group.
M Butler

I decided to train for my first triathlon. After one painful pool session spent gasping for air, I found Edward’s website and immediately reached out for help. I was looking for a local coach who could teach me how to swim functionally, fit for open water and for completing other endurance activities back-to-back afterwards. Within a few lessons, I have gone from having no knowledge or experience of how to ‘front crawl’ and being nervous of how to get my breath, to swimming multiple pool lengths confidently and effortlessly. Edward is a patient and calm tutor, with seemingless endless ideas and tips to help each student succeed. I embarked on my triathlon journey being terrified of the swim, and now I think it will be my strongest activity. 

Babs S

I never believed I could conquer my fear of water but with Edward’s tuition I most certainly have. The Shaw Method is the perfect way to learn or improve your stroke.
Sara C

The Shaw Method lessons with Edward have been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Jennie M

The positive recommendation for us to try Swim For Life was not misplaced. We could not possibly have had a better experience. Edward’s patience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as his knowledge, experience and teaching ability all made for a brilliant time. The Alexander technique has not only greatly improved our swimming but also given us much more confidence and therefore enjoyment.  We are both hugely grateful and could not commend the whole experience highly enough.

J and C Horan

I am over the moon with my swimming lessons from Edward! I had never been able to do front crawl and in just a few lessons Edward had me swimming lengths and breathing effortlessly. He is so patient and breaks down the swimming stroke into simple steps that makes even the most unconfident swimmer feel at ease in the pool. I have gone from dreading swimming to thoroughly enjoying it. Would 100% recommend Edward’s lessons!
G Russell

Starting swimming lessons as an adult was an endeavour that I kept putting off, but once I had started it was easy – Edward made the lessons both instructive and relaxing. He has a very patient, encouraging and positive attitude, and was keen to tackle individual issues to help me make the most out of the lessons. His enthusiasm for swimming is infectious. I can happily say that I enjoy my time in the pool now, and look forward to using swimming as a tool to explore water activities such as scuba diving and surfing in the future. Thank you Edward.
Swati G

Having a first-class swimming tutor makes all the difference. I was a confident swimmer before. I had lessons to improve my stroke and I’m so pleased with the way I now swim. Thank you Edward.
James R

Swimforliife has changed my life.  I have learnt a new skill in a very relaxed and unthreatening environment with a very calm and patient teacher. Edward really listens to what you want and tries to understand how you  thinks in order to tailor his teaching method accordingly. I can unreservedly recommend  learning to swim with Swimforlife. You will wonder why you didn’t do it ages ago!

Sarah M