Introduction to the Teaching Method

At Swim For Life, we teach the Shaw Method for one very good reason.  It is simply the very best way to learn to swim.  It is an enjoyable, vibrant and effective way of learning. The method, uses Alexander Technique principles, applied to the aquatic environment.

Our adult swimming lessons in Cheltenham will provide you with this exclusive technique.

The Shaw Method is the brainchild of Steven Shaw, a former competitive swimmer and qualified Alexander Teacher. Steven has spent years creating and perfecting a swimming technique that provides excellent body alignment and awareness in the water. The four key principles of the method ensure that you can enjoy swimming while maintaining a good posture, keeping your head, neck and back correctly aligned. This allows for greater freedom of movement, less stress on your body resulting in reduced neck and back problems. This swimming method has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists, the Pilates Foundation and the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

It is also an exceptionally efficient stroke meaning you can maintain your swim for longer. For example, swimming a traditional style of front crawl would take around 20–22 strokes over a 20 metre pool. Swimming Shaw method crawl will reduce that to around 11–12 strokes.