Go Wild This September.

I’ve had lots of new people join the Swim For Life mailing list recently, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share a couple of short films I made this year and also discuss some great swimming opportunities.

We have organised two guided swims:

2nd September
23rd September.

What is our wild swim experience all about?

We want to share with you the pleasure of getting outside, enjoying the water in some amazing locations. Our wild swims provide you with an opportunity to let go of the pool environment and embrace a different, exciting aquatic journey.

We swim for 4km (about 2.6 miles) down the most stunning stretch of the Wye Valley. Don’t worry as the swim is downstream so it’s not like pool swimming. You can lie back and let the river take you whenever you feel like it.  It’s far more manageable than you might think.

During our swims, we’ve spotted kingfishers, buzzards and peregrine falcons soaring above our heads and many other beautiful wildlife encounters. It’s all about enjoying the journey so it becomes even more memorable.

We keep our group sizes to a maximum of 8. The swim will be safe, pleasurable, non-competitive and also give you the opportunity to share it with like minded people.

There are 2 swimming guides, looking after your safety and requirements. We’re always on hand to help you out should you need it.

We’ll feed you at the end too! We’ll fire up the BBQ and enjoy swapping stories.

To book your place, just call us on 07961 473444 or email info@swimforlife.co.uk

Take a look at our short films we made this year.  There’s more to come too as we reveal different locations to enjoy.