Wild, under the water.
I’ve just returned from one of my favourite pastimes and so thought I’d share some photos and tips with you.

Swimming for me has opened up so many doors to a life that I love. I discovered scuba diving while travelling in Australia about 16 years ago. I’ve never looked back. So I completed my open water certification on the Great Barrier Reef, my advanced and rescue certifications in Thailand on the island of Kho Lanta and then my dive master in the tropics of Cornwall. Every year I try to get out and explore some underwater life. This year I returned to the Red Sea because there are some of the best dive sites in the world to enjoy.

I booked a liveaboard trip with Blue O Two and last week enjoyed diving on world famous dive sites (The Brothers and Elphinstone). The water was a chilly 22 degrees so a 5mm wetsuit is recommended for this time of year.

While diving is a very different skill to swimming, it’s important to be confident in the water. You don’t need to be the best swimmer in the world but I would suggest you overcome any fears you may have before plunging down to 30 metres.

A couple of top diving tips
Invest some time in getting your weighting right. Being correctly weighted will mean you have far better buoyancy which leads to less effort which leads to better air consumption. Great buoyancy will also ensure you avoid kicking the reef and doing damage to the environment.

Respect the buddy system – It never ceases to amaze me how a pair of divers get separated and risk problems. Most diving related accidents happen as a result of poor diving practice. Stay with your buddy! They are your lifeline, should you need them. On this holiday I was diving with a lad who was camera happy and decided he did not need to stick by my side. I got rid of him after 1 day! Refuse to dive with people that are not looking out for your safety.

Stay hydrated and get some sleep – Sleep deprivation and dehydration can lead to headaches and poor decision making. You are pressurising your body and altering the gasses within. Look after your wellbeing and you’ll enjoy the underwater world so much more.

I am always happy to chat diving at any time. If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to drop me a line.

If you’d like to boost your water confidence then please email me info@swimforlife.co.uk. Those sharks and mantas are out there waiting for you.