I’d like to introduce you to the pools and locations which I now teach in.  I’m so pleased to say, I feel I have superb pools that are perfect for adult swimming lessons.  I hope these two stunning pools will increase the opportunity to get people in the water, swimming perfectly. Details of our pools are just below.

The Chase Hotel Pool

The Chase Hotel, Brockworth, GL3 4PB

This hotel is situated on the Shurdington Road near Brockworth.
It is a 15 metre pool in a private health spa. We have a dedicated lane every Tuesday morning. Booking swimming lessons here you will receive:
Complimentary towels available from reception
Free parking
Access to the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi
There is also a lovely bar where you can get a coffee (or something stronger) and lunch after all your hard work.

1200_0004_ff_cheltenham_poolbath_0005 copy

DW Fitness, The Brewery, Cheltenham, GL50 4FA

This is a recent addition to Swim For Life. I am so pleased to have access to one of the best pools in the heart of Cheltenham to be able to teach swimming in. With a swim booking you will get:
A dedicated lane (during off peak times)
Access to the sauna and steam room
No gym membership required
Free parking for up to 2 hours at the NCP
There is a multitude of bars and eateries in the Brewery to enjoy after your swim.

Our perfect swimming stroke

I thought I’d share a little bit of my story with you because it’ll help you to understand what I am trying to achieve.

I was a competitive swimmer and have been swimming all my life. When I first came across Shaw Method swimming I’ll be honest, I was a bit sceptical. There are 4 strokes, how different can they be? I embraced the chance to find out more, learned to swim differently and then trained and qualified to teach Shaw Method swimming.

Since changing my swimming, I have honestly never received so many positive comments about my own swimming, which never happened before! Only yesterday, I was approached on poolside by a man complimenting my swimming.

With all of my students I work exceptionally hard to try and build the perfect stroke for them. Last week, one of my students was leaving her lesson when she was stopped by a member of the public. My student was told ‘you look amazing in the water, it’s so effortless and beautiful’. Needless to say, she went home with a big smile, a boost of confidence and contented knowing, she’s getting it right,

I recognise the stroke I teach is beautiful in the water but more importantly the health benefits of Shaw Method are also excellent due to its style and technique.

If you’d like to find out more, I offer a free 30 minute swim check so you can find out more about building your perfect swimming stroke.

Email info@swimforlife.co.uk or call 07961 483444 and we’ll get you swimming perfectly.